The Nashville Tracks

Songs were recorded at

County Q

Studios in Nashville May 2015.

"Big Maybe"

was written by

Mark D Sanders

who wrote "I hope you can dance" also

"Heads California , Tails Carolina"

"Change The World"

was written by

Rob Matson and

Wayne Kerby

"I Could Die Tonight"

was written by

Kim Trebble

who wrote

"Guys do it all the time"

The Members


Stephanie Cheeks Teague

Produced By

Rob Matson

"Famous Motel Cowboys"

Drums / Percussion Paul Shoulten

Studio Q

Lead Guitars

and Banjo 

Kerry Marx

"Grand Ole Opry"

Lead Guitarist

Bass Guitar

Don Kerch

(Ex "Tommy Dorcy Band")


 Howard Duck

(Ex "Dixie Chicks")


Steve Hinson

(Randy Travis Band)


Executive Producer

Eugene Doherty

Thank you again

for all the hard

work that has gone

into the making of

this CD.